Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grrr, Hoof!!

Ok, enough mister nice guy (or gal)!!

Lilly's hoof is driving me crazy, so I decided to act a little crazy... and dig out a giant chunk of her hoof. No more hiding, bacteria!! I got something for you!! It's called hoof knife and oxine!!

Don't like being able to see the laminae!!
Sorry it's a bit dirty... and that there's grass in the way. I just can't get good pictures in the barn, so I took these after I turned her out in the pasture. She didn't quite make it over the giant mud hole that sits in front of the gate.

I'm hoping I managed to cut away all the infected stuff. I'm pretty sure I did, so unless it manages to burrow up in there again somehow, air should be getting to it all. I was trying to avoid cutting out such a large area, but clearly my earlier methods weren't working. We'll see how it goes now.

The good news is, while I had her hoof up on the Hoofjack, Lilly rested her chin on my back and took a snooze. After I set it down, she licked and chewed through groggy eyes, so I don't think any of it made her uncomfortable.

So far the weather is looking good for Saturday! I still have 500 things to do before Friday, but I'm not stressing. If it gets done it gets done. I can't wait!


  1. Sounds frustrating! Hopefully that does the trick and you can get rid of the bacteria in there.

  2. Oh no! I was really hoping you got that licked. I hope the hoof knife did the trick.

  3. Oh man! I am so sorry. I really hope you can kick some bacteria butt this time!! And hopefully Mr. Bacteria will get the hint...exit hoof now and don't come back!

  4. Fingres crossed this works!!

  5. Hope it works, you are braver than I, for sure!

  6. Ugh, how frustrating!! I hope that is the last of it! Excited about hearing how your show goes this weekend! Supposed to be nice here too, we are going to a show as well, but of the classic car variety with our 4 wheel mustang, haha.