Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Not as in "my horse is lame" and thank goodness for that! She's actually doing quite well and starting to get her pre-seedy toe hooves back. After speaking with my vet on Thursday, I decided soaking once a week with oxine was all we needed because the dang ground is so wet all the time. Soaking seemed counter productive to our end goal of trying to get her hooves to dry up a bit and get rid of the bacteria that loves all that moisture. I'm also happy to report that Lilly didn't have any kind of reaction to her rabies vaccine, so that was a huge win.

Life has been pretty boring and fairly sucky the past couple weeks. I'm whining, I know, but I'm so sick of this weather I could scream. Windy, cold, rainy, storms... I've only used my fly spray twice, we haven't hung up fans on the stalls yet, and no one has put away winter blankets because we bust them out every now and then. And if that wasn't bad enough, on the days I might actually be able to ride, I have appointments, or Lilly is getting vaccines, or I have to work a double shift, or the arena is a swamp from the previous night's deluge.

It's all so lame.

I'm hoping to show on the 25th, and possibly on the 18th, (weather permitting) and I'm so extremely unprepared. Luckily, Lilly doesn't regress when she isn't ridden for what seems like months at a time, but I still need to get her conditioned and get in some rides so I don't feel like such a slacker.

My least favorite person, the weather man, is calling for rain tomorrow and rain on Saturday, but hopefully the arena isn't too bad and I can ride on Thursday or Friday. I have family coming into town, so I can't spend all my time at the barn, but hopefully we can make it out there one of those days. It would be nice to get some pictures too!

Ok, whiny rant over... for now. Here's a picture of my sweet girl enjoying a brief period of sunshine.

Almost shed out!


  1. Aww, that pic seems like your weather couldn't possibly be bad, but spring is so back-and-forth.

    I was concerned when I saw your post title, but thank goodness it's not a physical lameness. Hopefully you'll get some great rides in before the 18th. Who knows—maybe she'll be even better after a little break?

    1. That picture lies... don't let it deceive you! It clouded up and rained no less than 15 minutes after I took it.

      I sure hope so. The weather for next week looks better, so I'm hoping it's a bit of a turning point and we can actually enjoy some DRY spring weather.

  2. Sounds like you have taken my weather and I have taken yours. We have been dry, sunny and in the 80's for a week now. No chance of rain until possibly Sunday. This is not normal for my area this time of year, but I am not complaining. I am getting a lot of riding in!! I just know it will come to an end... :(
    Hope you get some rain free days soon so you can prepare for your shows!!

  3. Whewwww! I read that title and thought, "Oh no!"

    Yes weather is lame, weather men are not cool!
    On the bright side, rain means grass, but it sure does cut into the riding time.

  4. Life is pretty "lame" for me now too. It'll get better though and summer will be oh so exciting!

  5. Ah, to have the job of a weatherman -where you can be wrong 100% of the time and still keep your job! :(

    Hope it clears up for you soon and you get to riding (and showing).

  6. Super lame! Hope you get some saddle time soon. Lilly looks gorgeous in her summer colors!

  7. I totally feel your pain, this is the crappiest spring ever!! Nothing but rain and coldness! BOO!

  8. It's actually rainy here too! That hardly ever happens.
    Hope it clears up and you can get some rides in before the show.

  9. You w ould not survive the northwest!! But it's not so bad. .. lily looks great and I'm glad this post wasn't about another lameness! !

  10. You w ould not survive the northwest!! But it's not so bad. .. lily looks great and I'm glad this post wasn't about another lameness! !