Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back On Track

I really need to get things back on track with Lilly. All of these projects we've had going on at our house has forced me to put Lilly, and any riding I've been hoping to get done, on the back burner. Nothing has been done right, so the contractors have had to come back out over and over and over again, and I have to stay around the house and wait on them. It's terribly frustrating!

Today was supposed to be our final appointment, but after the guy "fixed" the window glass and left, I noticed a haze on the window that won't come off. So he'll be coming out again next week, which means another day I'll have to stay home and babysit. It seems to be never ending, and has been going on since early May!

Now that we have Tropical Storm Andrea bringing inches of rain, I might not have an arena to ride in for a few days anyway. It seems there's always something going on that keeps me from being able to ride. No doubt any level of fitness we had attained is gone, so we'll be starting all over again.

I went over to check on Lilly yesterday and pull off her fly sheet since she won't be needing it for a few days. When I pulled it off, I noticed she had a couple bite marks on both sides of her neck and shoulders. They're definitely not bad, but (*knock on wood*) she hasn't had any injuries in quite some time so I was surprised. She also lives in a pasture by herself, so I assume someone is giving her love nips over the fence, but I find it strange that they were in an area protected by the fly sheet.

Hopefully I'll have some riding updates sometime soon. I really want to get down to business in the lope department and have a few ideas I want to try on how to slow her down. I think I can combine the exercises to slow her down and the exercises I'll need to build up her topline and hindquarters again at the same time. We shall soon see... I hope!


  1. Houses can be a huge time sink. Hope you get to riding soon!

  2. I agree - it is strange that her fly sheet wasn't ripped. I wonder what the heck happened.
    Good luck with the storm - hope it doesn't hold up your riding too much.

  3. First Val was out of commission, and then I was. My arena is under water too now. It will be days before it dries out. Stupid Andrea...

    Hope the mystery wounds heal up quick!

  4. I hear ya on the projects. I was horrified when I went to log my riding hours this week and realized I've only ridden three times since Memorial Day. Unfortunately the project list is not getting shorter! Dee is going to be as wide as she is tall if I don't get riding.

    I wonder if Lilly is scratching against something?