Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, AJ!

AJ isn't registered with the AQHA, so we're not sure exactly when his birthday is for sure. When we bought him, though, AJ's old owner said he was pretty sure his birthday was in June, so in honor of Flag Day, we decided AJ's birthday would be June 14th. He was born in 1986, so he's 27 today!

We've had a lot of fun through the years and he is truly a part of our family. It's incredible to think that he's been our AJ for over 23 years. I wish he could be here in North Carolina with me, but I know he has a happy home in Michigan with my dad's horse, Justus.

Circa 1990
Fair portraits!
Trying him out english.
Taken in 2008.
Love it when he sucks his tongue!
Handsome boy, even as an old man!
Riding in Michigan - 2012
So much personality!

He holds a very special place in my heart. Happy Birthday, AJ! Hugs and kisses from afar!!


  1. What a great tribute to a wonderful horse - I love the senior horses - they are just so special. I had my Noble until he was 30. And Pie is a tongue-sucker, too!

    1. I thought I remembered reading that Pie also sucks his tongue. It's so interesting, and I can't figure out why they do it. AJ always sucks his after eating something tasty, like grain, fruit, and cookies. If it's really tasty, he'll stand there and suck for a good five minutes, making the cutest sound. We always thought perhaps it was because AJ was orphaned when he was a foal and he had to be bottle fed. That's our best guess anyway!

    2. Pie doesn't suck his after he eats - he sucks it after he drinks water! Dawn licks like crazy after she eats something good, and recently she's been sucking her tongue then too.

  2. Happy birthday to him!! Still looks dropdead gorgeous!! Love his build!! Those grey faces as they get older..they are so precious. There's a story to be told with every one of those grey hairs and wise eyes...Something about a senior horse that is just special.

  3. He is such a handsome boy. Happy Birthday AJ!!

  4. Happy Birthday AJ. He reminds me so much of my first horse.

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday big boy!