Saturday, June 1, 2013

Negatory On The APHA Show

I just can't justify it, even as badly as I'd like to go (and I really want to go). It's at my favorite facility, it's only about a two hour drive, it's a breed show, and it would be so much fun to camp with my Paint horse girlfriends. I even managed to get the time off work and everything!

But I'm not going to go.

If I went, I'd want to show western because that's what I'm trying to shoot for these days, but there are a couple problems with that: 1. We don't have a lope yet, and 2. I still don't have a western show saddle.

I could show english, even though I don't really want to, but I still haven't replaced my field boots from two show seasons ago. They crumbled into pieces, and instead of spending $200 to replace them, I've been sporting my paddock boots with half chaps instead. Not gonna fly at the Paint show.

And if I really don't want to show english, why would I want to spend $500 - $600 on a weekend to show english? I'm also concerned about Lilly's hooves since showing in hoof boots is forbidden for some strange reason.

So I'm not going to go. I let my friends know yesterday and one of the two decided she's also not going that weekend. Bummer.

Fear not, though, dear readers! I have a backup plan in the works! There's a weekend open show at the fairgrounds in August and I'm going to try my hardest to make it up there. I'll be flying home from Michigan on that Friday, but I'm hoping I can book a flight that'll get us home early enough that I can run to the barn, grab my pony, and head up to the fairgrounds for a super fun weekend of camping and showing. I think my friend (the one who isn't going to the Paint show) is considering showing that weekend with me, so I'd still get to hang with fellow Paint people.

At this show, Lilly and I can show in a dilapidated western 'show' saddle, hoof boots, paddock boots and half chaps, and we can zoom around the western pleasure arena and not be laughed off the premises. We can also spend half as much doing it! Sounds pretty epic to me!

No thanks, I'm good here!
Lilly would rather just eat hay and not actually have to do any work, but we need PAC points and we need a fun 'girls' weekend together. I'll have her convinced before too long!


  1. The show sounds like a lot of fun! Especially with all the expensive tack stuff to figure out.

  2. Lilly looks terribly put out that she won't be going to that show.

  3. Oh I hear you on every level here. My friends all kept asking last weekend if I was going to Regionals but I just can't justify it, so no. For one, we're qualified in the wrong divisions. I realized this past weekend that I just am not really into riding English anymore. We're qualified in Halter but as fun as it is at smaller shows, my horse is just not a main ring halter type. We could likely get qualified at pre-show in Western Pleasure (I think I've finally decided after three years that this is where I want to put my energies) but like you, the lack of show saddle just won't cut it at this level (I think my reining saddle already stood out way too much last weekend). And these shows are just getting to be way too many $$$ to go just for fun. Dee told me last weekend that we still have a lot to work on anyway. So maybe next year, right? We'll all be a lot more ready by then! Good luck in August!

  4. Woohoo for Western!!
    I've never shown, not yet anyways, but Red was used as a Western Pleasure horse and he tends to want to act like one still. Hahaha! I really, really, really want to show Western Pleasure but it's just not going to happen yet. We just started paying $100 more at our barn because we got a new horse, I need to improve, Red needs to improve and I just don't have the time or money at the moment, so, til' then, we are almost-daily trail riders. Hahaha!

  5. Good idea to wait for something you will enjoy more :)

  6. I'm always bummed when a planned show doesn't work out, but I remind myself it's not as though my horse will miss it ;-)

  7. Like Jen said, Lilly looks heartbroken.

  8. Sounds like a good decision to me!