Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Do You Suppose This Is?

I had a really rough weekend. I woke up early Saturday morning with horrible, awful tooth and jaw pain. Why do these things always happen on the weekend anyway? Why couldn't it have happened on Friday morning so I could call the dentist? Instead, I had to spend the weekend in pain, but I called the dentist Monday morning and they got me in right away. After the x-rays were taken, they kindly informed me I was in need of a root canal because I had an infection in my tooth. It was 'complicated' and they didn't feel comfortable doing it in their office, so they referred me to a root canal specialist. Did you know there was such a thing? Me either.

I was lucky and got in to see the specialist on Tuesday because they had a cancellation. They took their own x-rays and told me I had a pretty nasty abscess, and it was a good thing I came in to see them. No wonder my jaw hurt so bad! So she got busy on my poor tooth and I suffered for almost 2 hours. Don't let anyone try to tell you that root canals don't hurt, because they do. Well, at least mine did. When they got up in there where my abscess was, I cried. HURT LIKE HELL.

I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting there. I ended up staying home from work on Tuesday and I think that helped. Being able to rest was nice. But enough about me... I need to solicit opinions about Lilly!

I went to see her Monday after my dentist appointment, but the weather was icky and it kept raining. I brought her into the wash rack to give her a bath and I noticed this:

These are iPhone pics, so they're not that great, but you can see how swollen it is. I had a small panic attack because I thought maybe she had a hernia, so I called my vet. It was after hours, but she was kind enough to call me back and told me the likelihood of it being a hernia was very slim. She thought perhaps it was edema from a tick bite or from some other bug, but I didn't see any marks on her skin that look like a bite. She said she could come out and look at it for me, but I told her I would just keep an eye on it and get back with her if it didn't go down.

I was able to visit her again today and it's still there. It's still the same size too. It has a lumpy feel to it, so it doesn't feel like it's just fluid in there, and the swelling is really only on the right side rather than being swollen on both sides of her tummy crease. I'm just worried because it's right over her 'belly button', although it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm getting worried again since it hasn't gone down. It seems like if it was from a bug bite, the swelling would have gone down by now. I think I'll probably end up contacting my vet again tomorrow.


  1. I would call the vet and have her check. That is one of the "areas" that pigeon fever can occur, which is pretty nasty stuff. Usually, though, pigeon fever happens after a hot, dry spell. We had an outbreak last summer and the center line of the horse's belly was where we were told to put extra fly jelly.

    Good luck and let us know.

  2. I have no clue what that could be..I would get a vet out, though. That's a sensitive place for any animal, like Karen above said, Pigeon fever could occur and etc. I'd get her checked out. It's probably nothing huge, but either way, better to be safe than sorry.
    PS: Hope your tooth feels better soon!! I had an awful cavity a couple months back that hurt like nobody's business, and man, after the little procedure I thought I was going to die. I took so many ibuprofens it's not even funny. :P Dentists suck. Well, mine is a nice dude, but their job stinks.

  3. She may have kicked herself while going after flies and given herself a hematoma. They can take a long time to go back down, but are no big deal, and not painful to the horse. If you're concerned, a call to the vet will be worth the peace of mind.

  4. To add to Dom's hematoma suggestion - I have one myself presently - large, firm and lumpy, warm for a while too. Very slow to subside. At three weeks this Sunday, it's about 90% gone... Massaging mine appeared to help it reabsorb. Have you checked her temperature?

  5. My mare would get edema on her belly pretty regularly in the summer. Vet said it was likely from kicking at bugs. I treated it with DMSO and cold hosing whenever I noticed one at they went away pretty quickly on their own.

  6. Oh, and sorry about your tooth! At least you didn't have to do it while in a foreign country! Went through that back in HS while on vacation with my family in Germany. Thank goodness my mother is fluent.

  7. My pony gets a lumpy stomach sometimes from flies bothering her...I've also seen it be an allergy to something that looks like that. Usually ticks, flies, gnats etc

  8. Junior has had that. Not that big though. I haven't seen one since I put him on the bug supplement.

    I had a root canal done at a specialist too. Mine wasn't actually that painful just long. The worst was when the took the temporary crown off the same tooth (about a week before the root canal was schduled and they had to scrape the cement off. Without any numb numb juice. So I sympathize. It's one of those pains you can't imagine unless you've had it. Kinda like shingles. :(

  9. I had a horse that got Pigeon Fever once and Lily's bump doesn't look like that. Also, I think if it was Pigeon Fever it would have busted open and been seeping by now. I would lean more towards kicking at flies or a bite/sting. But I'm also not a vet! So sorry about your root canal, it sounds like it was pretty brutal.

  10. I need to call the dentist, too. Is there anything we dread much more? I'm telling you, if it's anything big they better knock me unconscious! I nearly strangled my last hygienist over uncomfortable x-rays!

    I will add another vote to Dom's. But as others have said, can't hurt to check with your vet.