Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Update (Finally)!

We're here! We're alive! We're doing well! July was a super busy month for me with vacations and play dates and parties, but things have officially settled down and it's time to get back into my normal, routine existence.

Since I've been on vacation, it stands to reason that Lilly has also been on vacation. She's been loving life at her new barn and enjoying an awful lot of downtime. I think it's been good for her and I'm seeing a calm about her that I find adorable. Usually when I arrive at the barn, she's sound asleep in her stall. All the horses are napping in front of their fans and I call to her as I'm making my way through the indoor arena. I see her pop her head up, she whinnies, and then she manages to get her head over her door (it's a little too tall for her) to greet me when I get there. She always seems really happy to see me and I love that.

The face of a happy, content pony.
Nine times out of ten, she still has hay in her hay bag, which makes me happy, and the barn manager reports that she no longer "eats like a lawn mower" but is now grazing like a normal horse, taking breaks during her turnout time. When she first arrived, you couldn't pull her head up out of that grass for anything. She hasn't put on any weight like I thought might happen, and she looks really good. I'm dealing with some scratches on her pasterns because of the wetness we're still having, but I shaved her up to her ankles on Monday so her pasterns can dry faster and not stay as wet. That, along with the Banixx, and I'm already seeing improvement.

I trimmed her hooves on Monday as well, and she seemed a bit tender today when I walked her through the arena. Nothing has changed in her diet, so I think I might have trimmed her a bit shorter than I should have. Now that things are back to normal, though, I can go back to touching up her hooves once a week and not have to do a full trim all in one day. Since being gone on vacation for a week and a half, her seedy toe has made a roaring comeback, so I'm back to working on that as well.

For the most part, though, things are going great. We went for our first ride in the indoor today and she did amazing. I rode her in the Renegades, but she's really out of shape, so I didn't make her work too hard. She broke a sweat, but that's not hard to do around here this time of year.

Keeping an eye on the cows behind her instead of posing for me!
Hopefully we'll be back to more regular updates as we both try to get back into shape. I'm trying to get caught up on all of your blogs as well!


  1. She's so. beautiful. :)) I love her markings..Anywho, glad y'all are all settled!! When I first moved my Quarter, he ate like a lawn mower, too. :)) And paced the pastures, just to run because he hadn't been able to. When I first got him we had him at our house for a couple weeks as we found a farm to board and he had been in a swampy pasture with barely any grass, it wasn't really bad land but it wasn't good to *play* in. Boy was he excited when he saw the amazing, flat pastures! :))

  2. We've had a HOT summer here as well Northwest(ish) NC. Damp nights, hot days (no shade) it's hard to figure when to turn them out! Right now we have fans on them during the day, out at night. But it isn't easy on their feet. Oberon does OK, but the other horses have been having trouble. I need to update my horse blog... I've been slacking :) Lilly looks great and I'm glad she likes her new barn!

  3. She looks great and I am glad to hear that she didn't suffer any ill effects from her new grazing routine. My mare was like that for a while, just ate non-stop, but now she is doing better.

  4. Glad your new place is going so well!! Looking forward to hearing more about everything going on!