Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boots Have Arrived!

Back when I decided I wasn't giving in and going back to shoes, and shortly after my trimmer didn't think we really needed to cast, I decided I needed to get another pair of hoof boots. I have my Renegades, but I only use those for riding, and the Easyboot Trails I had were long ago obliterated in the pasture. So I decided to call EasyCare and see if there was a boot they could recommend for turnout that I could also use with pads. After chatting with a nice lady from customer service, I ordered a pair of Old Mac's G2. She told me they would be great for turnout and it just so happened they were sized the same as the Trails, so I ordered a tiny size two for my twinkle toe pony.

I also went online and ordered some more Happy Hoof therapeutic pads. I used those back when we first took off the shoes and Lilly really seemed to like all the different pads. We tried three different styles, but her favorite seemed to be the #6 pad. I couldn't remember when I ordered them last time if they came in pairs, and didn't see it anywhere on the site, so I assumed they came individually and I ordered six of them, thinking that would be enough for three sets of pads. They came in the mail today, and as it turns out, they do come in pairs. So now I have enough pads for SIX sets. At least I won't have to order any for a while!

12 pads instead of 6... who knew?!
The boots came yesterday, so I was able to take them with me today to try on Lilly. I was both impressed and disappointed when I opened the box. I was disappointed because they're a lot like the Trails, and those didn't hold up worth a hoot, but I was impressed by how "beefy" these are, and how many straps and buckles are on these things. I hope they hold up better than the Trails did.

Buckles and straps, oh my!
These also come with gaiters, which adds yet another element of beef. I guess these boots tend to rub a bit without the gaiters, but I think I'll try them without first and see.

Front of the boot, along with its gaiter.
Unfortunately, I think they're too small. It's hard to tell with all the bulk in the back of the boot, but I think they would end up rubbing on her heel bulbs. I hadn't even added in the pads or the gaiters and I thought they felt snug. So I ordered a size 3 and I'll hold on to the size 2 boots until they arrive. With any luck, the larger size will work.

Lilly is doing really well at her new barn and I can't tell you how relieved and stress free I have been this past week. I'm SO happy that she's not getting attached to any of the other mares. I was worried about that, but there seems to be no sign of any attachments anywhere. There were three other horses in the barn with us today being groomed and tacked up, and two of them were her pasture buddies, and shortly before I put her back in her stall, they all disappeared. One went out to the pasture, one went for a ride, and the other was put back in her stall. Not a peep from Lilly... not even a paw with her hoof. She just stood there like, "what's your deal, lady?"

"Who cares about those other horses anyway. Do you have cookies?"
The arena is so soft and sandy that I think I'll be able to start riding again too. I'll still boot her up in her Renegades, but I won't have to worry about her stepping on a high spot or a stone. Hubby and I are going away for our anniversary this weekend (has it been a year already??), but when I get back, it just might be time to throw on the saddle again! :)


  1. Interestingly enough, I was at a local feed store just the other day and found that they actually carry the Easy Boots. Including the very boots you just bought. I was oohing and aahing over them all, and the employees were getting a little perturbed that I wasn't actually buying any. I have to wait till my next trim to measure some hooves, and then hopefully on my next paycheck I can buy one set to try out.

    I am anxious to hear how you like your G2's.

  2. Already you sound less anxious and more relaxed than in your previous posts. I'm so glad that the move is working out well for Lilly (and you!)

  3. My horse is currently wearing her easyboot gloves because of a bad sole bruise. The vet was really impressed with them and said they normally wrap the hoof but the boot was much better. So far they are holding up great.

  4. Can't wait for you to be riding again!! Another miracle worker I've used in the past is Magic Cushion. It pulls out inflammation that's in the hoof.