Wednesday, September 4, 2013

T Minus 15 Hours

My vet comes out tomorrow morning at 9:30.

The BM called today to tell me that Lilly was short stepping on her right hind when she brought her down from the pasture. We've been putting her up in the top pasture because it's the most flat, but she has to walk her up and down a hill to get her to and from there. I thought it would be better to have her in a flat pasture rather than one of the rolling pastures until we knew what was wrong. For now, though, she's back in the little front pasture. No hills anywhere near that guy.

Cross your fingers for us! She's too sweet... she deserves to be healthy and happy!


  1. Good luck Lilly! Hope the vet figures things out.

  2. Good wishes being sent your way. Difficulty going down hills can be any number of things from hock soreness to a neurological condition like EPM - hope you get an answer soon.

  3. Hoping all is well..what a cute picture!

  4. Sucks so bad yall are having to deal with unsoundness again!! Def hoping yall can get your sweet girl to normal soon!