Friday, October 4, 2013

We Have A Winner

Lilly's size three Old Mac's came yesterday just in time for me to head into work, so today I took them over to the barn, hoping that they would fit her perfectly. I don't know about perfectly, but I think they'll work just fine. I strapped her in without the gaiters, with the gaiters, and then finally with the Happy Hoof pads. Judging by her body language, I think she likes them. I jogged her up and down the barn aisle, turned her in little circles, and walked her around a bit outside. She didn't show any signs of being uncomfortable so I think they're going to be great for turnout, assuming they hold up. Hopefully they'll be temporary as we someday soon get her back to being comfy bare again.

Fancy kicks.
Over the next week or so, I'll work with the barn manager and get her used to the boots. I don't want to turn her out in them for 12 hours without first seeing if they'll hold up or rub anywhere. I don't think I'll use the gaiters either, unless the boots start rubbing, so she'll just be in the boots and pads. I'm a little worried about moisture because of the boot style, but once the horses are switched over to day turnout I'll worry less about that. In the meantime, I got some foot powder to sprinkle in them to help keep things dry.

Enjoying the sunshine.
My princess had a few more cuts and scrapes today. Not sure if someone is picking on her or if she's trying to move up the ranks. She has a big scrape on her chest, some marks on her legs, and a cut on her stifle. Grrr!

In other news, I have big news! You'll have to wait until Sunday to find out what it is, though. :)


  1. Yay for big news! (Hopefully, if it's good, haha) I hope these boots work for you!! I'm on Team Barefoot, feel like shoes do so much awful stuff all in all to the horse. It's so hard to get the shoes off and the transition is horrid. :P Wishing you and Ms Lilly luck with these boots! (They are pretty cute, too! Hah!)

  2. Glad the boots fit and she's comfy!

  3. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being giving these a trial run for the rest of us! LOL

  4. That's awesome, awesome news. But - it's Tuesday! Where's the Sunday news?!