Monday, March 31, 2014

Chicken and Rice - Check!

For Rylee's breakfast this morning, I made up some chicken and rice. I boiled the chicken and double cooked a batch of rice in the chicken water, and boy did the house smell yummy. Hubby came downstairs wanting to know what I was cooking for lunch. I told him he could have some if he wanted, but he opted not to try it.

Mmmm... looks and smells tasty!
I gave her some chicken earlier in the morning so I could watch her and see if she had any kind of reaction, but she seemed just fine. I added in a bunch of rice with the leftover chicken and gave her half of it around 11am and the other half around noon. I was hoping I wouldn't see it come back up.

Without knowing exactly how much to give her, I gave her a cup of chicken and two cups of rice. Someone told me to give her the same amount of chicken and rice as she gets in kibble, so I went with the 3 cups. She'll get 3 more cups tonight for dinner, assuming all is well when I get home.

Waiting patiently for her breakfast.
I plan on keeping her on the chicken and rice for a few days. It'll give her digestive system a chance to calm down and flush out anything that might be upsetting her. I'm not sure what the plan will be after that, though. The SD is done for sure... I'm not feeding her anymore of that, and at this point, I'm kind of over my vet, so unless things really go downhill or something else comes up, I'm not planning on taking her back in. If her system does ok on the chicken and rice, I'll consider her "healed" and any diarrhea after that will be food related in my book.

The tricky thing is, it won't be easy to add new things until I find out what she's allergic to... or do I just buy random things and feed them to her until I find something that makes her face swell again? I don't think I can just keep feeding her chicken and rice long term while I try new foods, and I can't just add back in "kibble" because there are a ton of ingredients in that stuff.

I just bought a brand new bag of the Fromm on Friday, and since she was doing ok on it before the Tuesday from hell, aside from being a little itchy after eating it, should I feed her the Fromm again and just deal with the itchy face for a while? Maybe I could give her an extra Benadryl? She's still a growing puppy, so I'm worried about what she's eating because I want her to get the right nutrition. It seems like commercial large breed puppy food is the best thing for a growing puppy. That being said, perhaps instead of adding back in the Fromm, maybe I should try a grain free kibble and see if she does better on that?

Luckily I have a few days to ponder...

I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. You've helped a ton!


  1. They tend to get spoiled on the chicken and rice :) Hoping she feels better soon!

  2. I would suggest trying Kirkland Chicken and Rice if you have a Costco in the area. I've raised six dogs on it and my mother has raised two and they have never had an issue. Several years ago, Consumer Report listed it as a Best Buy. I free feed it to our boxer and our boxer-malinios mixes and they are a healthy weight, great coat and a great deal of energy. Their poo is solid and minimal and they pretty consistently poop twice a day. I think it is an amazing food and the best part is if your dog has a reaction, you can take it back for a full refund with no questions asked.

  3. If you look in the premium section of Petco or whatever nice pet food stores you've got, you can find limited-ingredient kibble pretty easily these days - a lot easier than it used to be, anyway! I think wheat and corn are usually the big culprits for dogs - you can try a grain-free kibble, but if she's ok on rice just stick with rice-based. I definitely think you're on the right track with your sweet girl!