Friday, April 11, 2014

A Birthday Gift

Today is Lilly's 14th birthday... where has the time gone?!

It's hard to believe it's been 14 years already. A lot has happened since I first brought her home, and through it all, she's been the one constant... the one thing I could always count on. She was always whatever I needed her to be... a mane to cry in, a goofy girl good for a laugh, and an escape from the realities of life. It's an unconditional love, and she's truly my best friend. I love her so much, and I'm looking forward to so many more years with her!

Sweet, sweet girl.
I also received word from my vet that Lilly's test results showed she was within the normal limits for everything, including her ACTH. I know it's Lilly's birthday, but that feels like a gift for both of us!

Glucose = 76
Insulin = 6.78 (10-40)
ACTH = 17.6 (9-35)

Remember, when we had the test done back on October 31, her ACTH number was 126. It was after that when my vet told me the numbers fluctuate wildly in the fall, and it would be a good idea to do the test again in the spring. Now I wonder why we bothered to do the test in the fall at all... other than so I could spend an extra $117 for fun.

BUT, that's not important now. I'm super, super happy and while I know I'm still going to have to watch her weight and keep an eye on her hooves, at least she's not pre-Cushings and won't need medication.... a muzzle perhaps, but not meds. A good day!


  1. That is a good day! Happy birthday to her

  2. A Good day indeed!! Happy Birthday Lilly!

  3. Great news!!!

    Happy birthday to her!!

  4. That's awesome! Happy birthday, Lilly!!

  5. Happy Birthday Lilly! And good news on the test!

  6. Happy Birthday Lilly! And what awesome test results!