Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just A Day Late

Lilly was supposed to have her vet appointment yesterday, but my vet never showed up. I tried calling her, but got voicemail, and since it was SO unlike her, as the day wore on and I heard nothing, I started to worry. Thankfully there was just a mix up and she wrote down our appointment wrong.

I stayed with Lilly at the barn for an hour, but after the first 30 minutes, she wanted to know what the heck we were waiting on. To kill some time, I decided it might be fun to work her in the round pen. She was full of herself, quite snorty, and even a bit spooky, so I just turned her loose. She jumped around like a goon, squealing and having a grand time.

Crazy eyes!
Pretty girl!
My vet came out this morning (which is when she thought our actual appointment was) and gave Lilly the rest of her vaccines. She also floated her teeth and said that Lilly has developed quite a bit of a wave. She said that's typical for horses that get their teeth floated without the speculum. The floater just can't see well enough in the back to take care of the molars properly. She recommended that I have Lilly done again in the fall, and then maybe we can go back to just once each year.

"Someone help..."
(Can you tell she tries really hard to keep her stall clean? LOL The stall cleaner guy loves her, and the barn owner teases me about what she's doing to his stall walls.)

Lilly had a bad reaction to her Rabies vaccine the spring before last, so I asked my BO to keep a close eye on her tonight and tomorrow. I haven't heard anything yet, so hopefully she's fine this year and the last time was just a fluke.