Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mmmm... Raw Chicken!

Rylee's raw food diet has been going spectacularly well. She's been on raw for a week now, and has had solid poo for over 4 days! I haven't seen solid poo in over a month, and it's the best thing ever. I've never seen her get so excited at feeding time either... apparently, raw chicken is GOOD!

This past Friday I met a friend of mine at a local pet store to get some raw meaty bones, some treats that might work for Rylee, and also a rabbit she murdered butchered for us. (I kid, I kid... thank you so much for the bunny!) I put a few pieces of him in with her food Saturday morning, but Rylee wasn't interested in the meat at all. She pulled them out of her bowl, continued to eat her chicken, and then went back to sniffing them once it was all she had left. I tried some different tactics to get her to at least try it, but ended up freezing the meat instead. My friend mentioned sometimes the meat smells a bit too fresh, and after being frozen they take to it better. So maybe I can try again shortly... I'm hoping that after she's had some meats other than chicken, she might be less picky.

It's just wrong when your dog will eat rabbit turds, but not rabbits. Just sayin'...

So the raw adventure continues. The next protein I'm going to try is beef, and hopefully she'll do okay with that as well. I'm doubting she's allergic to proteins, but you never know, so I'm adding new things in very slowly, and one at a time.

I ended up getting her dehydrated (or freeze-dried?) chicken liver pieces for treats. I figured I had better stick with the same critter, and get her something with just one ingredient. There are a lot of treats out there that say 'grain free' or 'gluten free', but the ingredients still made me worry. Since when isn't rice or barley or oats considered a grain? The gluten free stuff still had starches and 'flour', so I opted to go with the liver instead.

We're very happy to be a diarrhea free household and I'd like to keep it that way!

Here's my sweet girl modeling her new Ruffwear Approach pack. Once she gets a little older (around 18 months) I'll start putting stuff in it, and hopefully we'll go hiking. For now she just carries it around empty so she can get used to it and learn NOT chew on the side compartments.

But I like to chew on EVERYTHING.  :)
Lilly had a visit from the vet Monday and all went well. I always like to split up her vaccines, so she's coming out again at the end of the month to finish those and also float Lilly's teeth. We took blood for the insulin/ACTH test again, so I'm anxious about what those results will show. The vet did say she was happy with Lilly's weight and she thought she looked really good. Once we get the test results back, I'll have to come up with a game plan for the summer months. No point in speculating until I know if there's an issue.

Good times, good times. :)


  1. Glad the raw diet is going well!

  2. HOORAY!!!!

    You may want to check at your local farmer's market to see if you can purchase raw meaty bones from any of the vendors. I have a couple of bags in my freezer for treats for our dog (ok, the bones are the size of my fist, so they're more like dinners). Our meat supplier has beef, lamb, and pork bones that we can get for pretty cheap, and the critters are all grass-fed and we eat the other parts. ;)

    1. Great idea! I'm going to have to get creative if I'm going to continue down this road... I hadn't thought about the farmer's market! Thanks!

  3. A lurker here, so glad the raw diet is going well for your pup! I tried it with my sheltie and it was an epic fail on many levels. Oh well, at least we tried right?!

    I might also suggest contacting a local butcher if there are any in your area. We have two that we send our beef cattle to and they both have bones available for dogs extremely cheap. I've only bought them by the piece but I'm sure if I wanted bulk I could have gotten a better deal.