Thursday, July 30, 2015

We Made the List!

I've been waiting forever for my PAC points from the last show to post on APHA's website. I like to keep track and make sure what I have in my records is what they have in their records, but this time I was waiting for another reason as well.

They always post a Leader's List, where they post online the names of anyone with more than 10 PAC points. Since Lilly and I have 13 points in Walk/Trot, I knew we'd be on the list. We've never been there before, since we've never had more than 10 points in one season. I'm very proud of her, and excited to see our names out there.

We win! YAY!
Our next show is on the 9th, and it's up at the state fairgrounds. The show actually goes the whole weekend and counts as two separate shows, so it would have been fun to camp out in my trailer for a weekend show. I haven't done that in forever, but I'll be in Michigan until the 8th visiting my family (and AJ!), and didn't want to cut my time there short. So the plan is to drive 12 hours back to North Carolina on Saturday, run over to the barn to do show prep, and be up and ready for an all day show on Sunday.

Slightly crazy, and maybe a little ambitious, but we're doing so well in the points that I don't want to miss two shows. Missing one is bad enough... so it'll be busy, but fun!

Lilly has been doing pretty well and is waiting for summer to be over, I think. She had a few injuries this month too, but has recovered for the most part. She had a giant mystery scrape on the front of her rear cannon bone and some sole bruising, which I think is from stomping away the flies. Hopefully she'll be ready to go when I get back!

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  1. Woot, woot!! I bet that felt so good to see your and Lilly's name in print! And yeah, 12 hours is a LONG drive period, but it will be worth it!