Friday, August 21, 2015

The Michigan Adventure!

The first week of August, I made my usual trip up to Michigan to visit my family and go camping up north at beautiful Elk Lake. So this post doesn't end up being a novel, I'll just post mostly pictures and let them do the talking.

First stop... my mom and dad's house to visit AJ, Justus, and enjoy being back home.

Still sucking on that tongue.
Handsome, handsome!
Justus and AJ

After a couple days at home, we all packed up and headed up to Elk Lake. We were met with an awful storm that produced 80 mile per hour winds, hail, broken trees, demolished tents, and no power. Despite the fact that we had to use an outhouse, had no shower, and no electricity, we had a really good time.

Elk Lake is amazingly gorgeous.

Rylee had a really good time too. She was SO good! I had to keep her on a leash the whole time because of park rules, so I was worried about lots of pent up energy, but she was on guard the whole time (she takes her job very seriously) and by the end of the night she was exhausted.

Guarding the camp!
She went boating!
She went canoeing!
And then decided she was done canoeing, and rolled out into the water!
She did really well in the tent!
Such a fun trip... can't wait for next year!

After playing hard all week, driving a good bit Friday, and then driving 12 hours on Saturday to get home... I thought it would be a good idea to take Lilly to a show on Sunday. We've been doing so well with points this year that I didn't want to miss two shows, so I decided to make it work. More on that in my next post, though...

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  1. Oh my gosh, Elk lake is beautiful! I've never been, but now feel like I must :) I can't believe you were up there during those storms, I heard they were awful. Glad you guys had a great time despite all that! AJ looks great!