Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Year End Awards for 2015

This past weekend was the awards banquet for the show series Lilly and I did last year. I knew the divisions we placed in before the banquet because a spreadsheet was sent out, but I was still excited to see the ribbons and prizes. Here's how we placed:

Adult Division: Reserve Champion
Stock Type Division: Third Place
English Division: Sixth Place

Also, as a rider, I won a Ribbon of Outstanding Achievement which was based on all the points I received as a rider throughout the year.

We won a cooler seat for the adult division, a really nice grooming tote for stock type, and a nice bristle brush for the english division. The ribbons were also gorgeous!

I had ambitions of taking glorious pictures of Lilly with all her winnings so I could frame the picture, put it up in my office, and surround it with all her satin. They didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, though.

We had the beautiful blue skies I was looking for, but we also had a ton of wind. Trying to find a place to hang the ribbons that was in the sunshine, but not in the direct path of gale force wind was tricky, especially since I was by myself. I wanted a picture of all her day awards, a picture of her year end awards, and a picture of everything. Sadly, these are the best I got:

Day awards for the year!
Year end awards for the year!
All of our awards for the year!
Lilly also gave a HUGE spook when the ribbons started violently flapping in the breeze and nearly took off my finger, which made me nervous about leaving her lead rope hanging, but she eventually got over it and went to sleep. That's my girl.

If the ribbons looked good, she had her eyes closed. If she actually looked at the camera, the ribbons were blowing too much to see what they were. Here are a couple outtakes for you to enjoy!

Still sleeping...
The only ears up picture...
Needless to say, I'll have to do this photo shoot again.


  1. Gorgeous Ribbons!! Congratulations

  2. Wow, so many beautiful ribbons and so much swag. Congrads on a great year!