Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cold and Rain!

I had two great rides on Lilly, but both were cut short thanks to the weather. I'm ready for spring, whenever it wants to show up.

Our ride on Sunday was only about 20 minutes because I thought I would literally freeze to death if I didn't find a heat source. It was an excellent ride, and I was very happy with how well she did. A friend of mine came along and took pictures, so instead of going on and on about what a great ride it was, I'll just show you some of the pictures.

Lots and lots of circles.
Every so often, we get a loose rein, semi-slow-ish canter.
Making so much progress!
I know I've only had a few rides on her this year, but I already feel like we're making progress at the canter. She's still very fast and not really collected at all, but I can feel an improvement in her, which makes me very happy. She also seems content to canter around the ring on her bare feet, without taking any choppy strides, as has been the case in the past. I don't use boots at home at all, and I'm excited that we can do this kind of work and know that she's totally comfortable.

We've got this jog thing down to a science... well, at home anyway.
Our ride yesterday was only about 15 minutes because the arena was soggy thanks to all the rain. I was hopeful when I first arrived because I saw hoof prints, but after checking it out for myself I knew it was iffy. It seemed a little too dry to wuss out and not ride, but a little too wet to have a serious ride, so I decided I'd saddle up and let Lilly tell me if it was too wet. She decided very early into the ride that it was too wet to canter, which is what I've been wanting to work on most, so we did our usual stuff and called it a day. Hopefully Thursday will be better.


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