Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Ride Recap - 2/22

Rather than writing several boring post per week about my rides, I've decided to just recap them all in one post. I can only say, "We had another good ride! I worked on jogging and cantering!" so many times before it just becomes ridiculous, so this seems like the way to go.

My usual ride days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. I didn't ride Tuesday because my trimmer came out and we always end up doing a lot of talking. I did have a great ride on Thursday, though, in which we worked on the usual things. I can feel her getting stronger and she's been making great progress at the canter.

Best view EVER!
I rode on Saturday and I was able to get some really nice, slower canter strides. She's even starting to stretch down and round her back. I've been riding her in the shank bit I use at shows rather than the snaffle, and I'm trying to ride mostly with one hand because I want both of us to get used to riding the way we need to do it when we're actually showing. Previous to this year, I always worked her in the snaffle because I felt like I could teach her more easily that way, but she's doing fantastic with the shank bit.

We also did some fun stuff after our ride. The barn owner has a lot of trail objects set up and a few little jumps here and there, so we played on those. She seemed to enjoy the jumps, even though she just stepped over rather than jumping. We did some work on the trail bridge and backed through some Ls. She really does well with trail, so I suppose we'll stick with that class this year at the shows.

My Sweet Girl
If you're a longtime reader, you know I've dealt with a strange diarrhea issue with Lilly for many, many years. It kind of comes and goes, and when it's in full force, her back legs just get covered. Her manure is always ok, but there's a liquid that comes out after she passes gas, and it just drips out, runs down her cheeks, and all the way down her legs. She's been doing really great with it for the past year or so, but for some reason it's back. I added that joint supplement to her diet, so I'm not sure if that's what caused it to return, or if it's because I've been riding her so much more now than before, or if it's because the grass is starting to come in a little bit... or if it's because it's a leap year and today is Monday.

Love this face.
It was really bad on Saturday when I was out. After our ride, she stood in the cross ties and made a nice puddle of green poo water on the mat. So frustrating.


  1. Ugh, my old mare (rehomed her this month for a few reasons) had diarrhea every winter, it seemed to clear up for the most part in summer, and it was so hard to deal with!

    1. Lilly's is very similar... it's always worse in the winter, which makes cleaning her bum SO MUCH easier. Not. :(

  2. I have a gelding who has on and off runny butt. He's been on all sorts of meds and been tested nothing helps. It'll go away and come back for whatever reasons. I just scrape it off and move on.

    1. That's Lilly too... nothing helps. I can't find any rhyme or reason as to why it comes and goes. All I know is it makes her white legs absolutely disgusting.