Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Ride Recap 3/7 and 3/14

Yeah, I'm doing two weekly recaps at one time... I know, I know. Even the weekly ones seem a tad boring these days. I've been trying to stick with my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday schedule, but I've had some physical disruptions over the past couple weeks, so I only managed two days these past two weeks. Lilly is doing great, though!

Week of February 29 - March 6:
Tuesday - Rode for about 30 minutes. Despite it being a gorgeous day, Lilly had lots and lots of energy, so we pretty much only worked on the canter. I did a lot of transitions and lots of figure eights.
Sunday - We had a nice, normal ride, and I've been working on cantering along the rail instead of on the circle. She tends to fall apart a bit when we're not in some kind of bend.

Week of March 7 - March 13:
Tuesday - We had a great ride with several other horses in the arena, so that's always helpful. I'd say about 95% of the time, we're alone, so it's nice to have distractions in the ring like she'd have at a show.
Thursday - I decided to longe her instead of ride. I don't do much longing in general, but I thought it might benefit her some. I didn't use the saddle because I didn't want the stirrups flopping around and banging her sides, but I wish I had a pair of side reins because I think it would have been really helpful to saddle her and use those to help her work correctly. She did great, though.

She's the cutest!
Our first show of the year is April 2nd, but I have a million things to do to get ready. I refreshed my show wardrobe, but it's taking forever to get my showmanship pants, and when they finally get here, I'll have to take them in to be hemmed. I have no idea what kind of timeline we're looking at there. I sold the pants from my other outfit, so I'm going to be without something to wear if they don't make it back to me in time.

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