Monday, April 11, 2016

Sweet Sixteen

Where have the years gone?

I don't have any human children, although I hope I will someday. Being sans children, I don't run around calling my horses and my dog my "fur-babies" or my "4 legged children", and I don't try to make Mother's Day about how I'm the mother to three wonderful animals, but sometimes I can't help but think of Lilly as my child.

We got AJ when he was four years old and he'll turn 30 this year, but the relationship I have with him is different than the one I have with Lilly. And while I've had Rylee since she was 13 weeks old, and she'll be three in a couple months, it's still not quite the same.

Sweetest thing in my life.
Lilly has been with me her entire life, from the time she was weaned from her dam until now. We had a brief separation when I was transitioning from the Marines, but for the most part, I have had her with me always. When I think about her being sixteen years old this year, I get a little emotional, and I can't help but compare her a little bit with a human child. "Wow... sixteen. If she were a person and not a horse, she'd be getting her driver's license." That's how long we've been together.

Always making me smile.
She's seen me through happy times and tough times, countless moves to several states, new jobs, new relationships, and has always been my rock. Changes are always happening in my life, nearly every day it seems, and she is always there. Even if I can't get out to see her, I know she's there. She's there being herself, not needing anything from me, but just waiting until I need her. Always there.

I love her so much, and while today is just another day for her, it's a day that makes me pause and remember just how lucky I am to have her in my life, and how grateful I am for everything she has done for me.

Happy sweet sixteen, my sweet Lilly. May we have at least sixteen more.

Our earliest days together.


  1. So sweet. Happy 16th to her!!

  2. Love the cute baby horse pic! She still looks the same. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy 16 Lilly! Betchya she'd totally pass her driver's licence test ;)