Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Day Has Come

I was hawking the weather all week, counting the days until our first show of 2016, and it was rain, rain, rain. It wasn't the kind of day where it was going to rain nonstop, but it looked like there was definitely going to be rain. I hit up the show manager and asked her when they'd make the decision to use the rain day or go as planned, and she said Friday by 6pm.

I really hate the "Friday by 6pm" answer... Friday by 6pm I want to be cleaning up and heading home for dinner, downtime, and early bedtime. So it's either, go ahead and start the arduous process of packing and cleaning a mostly white horse, or take the gamble and hold off until 6pm.

Well, I decided to hold off, and they went ahead and decided to hold the show anyway. Even though it was going to rain. Even though they have a rain date. On a day with zero rain and bright sunshine. WHY?! She said, "Bring your rain gear!" Ummm, no.

Who wants to show in the rain? Who wants to get their western hat wet, their showmanship halter, their english saddle? Not me. I thought about hauling in later to ride in the western classes after the rain was done, but by that time it was like 2pm.

So no show. I was really excited to show somewhere new. With any luck, I'll be able to show this coming Saturday.

Oh, and this happened over the weekend too.

Not happy...
I'm slowly introducing her to it. We'll do a few hours here and there, then a few days, then put it on her full time for the foreseeable future. She was actually better about it than I thought. She didn't try to shake it off, but she has yet to grasp the concept of snagging grass through the tiny hole on the bottom. She kept trying to grab the grass as if she wasn't wearing the thing. If I was her, I'd be pissed.

It's for her own good and mine, but I hate it.


  1. Sorry about the show :(. They do get used to the grazing muzzle, once they get the trick of getting grass through the hole.

  2. Muzzle season is tough! But it's way better to be safe rather than sorry! :) Crossing my fingers that you get to show soon!

  3. I figure as an adult amateur I do not need to show in the rain... so I typically don't.