Lilly's Story

Registered Name: R Lil Bit of Cash
Barn Name: Lilly
Breed: American Paint Horse
Date of Birth: April 11, 2000
Height: 15 Hands
Coat Pattern: Tobiano
Color: Palomino

I met a sweet little filly called "Cash" when she was about a month old. I was at a farm shopping for a barrel horse when I saw her in the pasture. She came over to me, I loved on her, and from that point on, she followed me all over the pasture. I thought she was the sweetest, most wonderful horse I had ever met, and I was hopelessly in love. I couldn't get enough of her and it seemed she didn't want to leave my side either.

I asked the farm owner if the little filly was for sale and he said, "Honey, everything is for sale." He wanted $900 for her and said I could put a 50% deposit down if I wanted to make sure she didn't end up with someone else. I wrote a check on the spot and exactly three months and two days later, I paid off the balance and took my baby girl home.

Her name changed to Lilly, and the rest is history.